Pin Grading System

Each pin is made by hand, so there may be flaws present. Please see below for the pin grading system I use when evaluating pins.

A Grade

A Grade pins are practically perfect with no glaring imperfections. However, the following may still be present:

- Slight discoloration

- Faint dust

- Very small scratches in the metal


B Grade

B Grade pins have minor visible flaws, including those such as:

- Noticeable discoloration in the enamel

- Specks of dust in the enamel

- Scratches in the metal


C Grade

C Grade pins will have major visible flaws, such as:

- Very noticeable discoloration

- Dust or dirt in the enamel

- Enamel over- or under-filling

- Major scratches or dents in the metal


Enamel pin colors may vary slightly depending on your screen settings.
When purchasing enamel pins, it is assumed that you have read, understood, and agreed to the above information.